Face Lift

Facial Surgery

Two Weeks Before Surgery

● Do not take aspirin, ibuprofen, Motrin, Aleve or medicines that thin your blood. Tylenol is allowed
● Stop herbal medications
● Do not drink alcohol, especially red wine
● Do not tan 
● Discontinue prescription skin care products, 
● Continue sunscreen/moisturizers
● Have several pillows or a bed wedge to prop yourself up in bed or plan to sleep in a recliner
● You may want sunglasses and a scarf or hooded sweatshirt, pillow and blanket for the trip home
● Please arrange transportation, you may not drive yourself
● Please arrange to have someone stay with you for the first 24 hrs at home
● Pick up prescriptions for antibiotics and pain medications given at your pre-op exam
● Floss and use Listerine mouthwash – we will be operating around your 

Night Before Surgery

● Wash hair with shampoo only, no conditioner
● Use surgical soap provided by Dr. Gruber
● Do not apply hair products, lotion, facial products
● Floss and use mouthwash

Morning of Surgery

● Floss and use mouthwash
● Wash hair with shampoo only, no conditioner
● Use surgical soap provided by Dr. Gruber
● Do not apply lotion, oil, perfumes
● Wear loose fitting, zip front Do not wear makeup, jewelry or contact lenses
● IF GOING UNDER ANESTHESIA - Do not eat or drink after midnight.
● IF HAVING AWAKE SURGERY - Eat a hearty breakfast including solid food and carbs


● You may have a head dressing, foam tape and visible stitches 
● Anesthesia may make you nauseated, so keep your diet light; liquids only are ok for the first day
● You will have bruising and swelling for several weeks. The worst swelling is 2-3 days after surgery and is usually gone in 1-2 months.
● Your eyes may swell shut, look like a “black eye” and ooze a little, this is expected


● Try not to put pressure on the grafted area.
● You may shower immediately but no tub soaks, saunas or swimming until ok by Dr. Gruber.
● It is best for you to keep your head elevated. Prop yourself up in bed or sleep in a recliner 
● The day after surgery you can begin washing your face. If incisions get wet, pat dry.
● Contacts can be worn after 3 days if your eyes start feeling normal.
● Cosmetics can be worn 3 days after surgery. 
● Avoid straining or activities that may increase blood pressure.
● All incisions will be extremely sensitive to sunlight.  Do not tan
● Please take all medication carefully and as directed

First Office Visit

● Dr. Gruber will examine the average patient at 1 week, 2 weeks, 2 months post surgery
● Photographs will be taken

Call the office immediately if you have:

● Fever above 101 degrees
● Redness or increased pain at the surgical site
● Severe pain uncontrolled by pain medications
● Nausea, vomiting or diarrhea after taking your medications
● Rash
● Sudden onset of chest pain, difficulty breathing or shortness of breath