Two weeks prior to surgery

● Do not take aspirin, ibuprofen, Motrin, Aleve or medicines that thin your blood
● Tylenol is allowed
● Stop herbal medications
● Do not drink alcohol, especially red wine
● Do not tan
● Please arrange transportation, you may not drive yourself
● Please arrange to have someone stay with you for the first 24 hrs at home. If you are flying-in alone, contact us to arrange nursing care

Night Before Surgery

● Use antibacterial soap like dial or hibiclens
● Shower with particular attention to belly button, groin, breast and underarm areas
● Shave if this is part of your hygiene routine

Morning of Surgery

● Use antibacterial soap like dial or hibiclens
● Shower with particular attention to belly button, groin, breast and underarm areas
● Do not apply lotion, oil, perfume
● Wear dark, loose fitting clothes
● Do not wear makeup, jewelry or contact lenses
● Eat a hearty breakfast including solid food and carbs


● You will be dehydrated and low on blood sugar. Drink sugary fluids like Gatorade, Clear Sodas and Juices
● Anesthesia may make you nauseated, so keep your diet light; carbs are best
● You will ooze blood tinted LIPO FLUID from your incisions. This is not blood.  Use pads or towels if needed to soak up fluid.
● Swelling and bruising are a normal expectation following surgery. Most of the swelling will be gone in 3 months but it may take 6 months to 1 year for the final result. Bruising could be apparent for several months.


DO NOT REMOVE compression garment until we see you back in the office.
After your first office visit you may take a shower and then put a garment back on immediately.
Wear your compression garment 24/7 except when showering for 2 weeks, then as needed for 1-3 months.  
Foam dressings should be used for 7 days.  
Armpit compression should be used for 3 days
Massage to the surgical sites will help increase circulation and alleviate the hardness felt underneath the skin. Self-massage can begin 1 week after surgery. Lymphatic massage is not necessary, but regular massage can be helpful
Ask Dr. Gruber prior to starting any physical activity for 4 weeks after surgery
All incisions will be extremely sensitive to sunlight.  Do not tan for 1 month. After that, use a sunscreen with SPF 20 or greater.
Please take all medication carefully and as directed

Office Visits

● The NEXT DAY FOLLOW UP IS MANDATORY. This appointment allows us to check the fit of your garments and the smoothness of the skin.
● Photographs will be taken
● You will receive a follow up phone call 2 weeks and 2 months postop. Please send photos when possible.

Call the office immediately if you have:

● Fever above 101 degrees
● Redness or increased pain at the surgical site
● Severe pain uncontrolled by pain medications
● Rash, nausea, vomiting or diarrhea after taking your medications

Sudden onset of chest pain, difficulty breathing or shortness of breath.